#quaranTEA with Kat Sass

Kat Sass, Chicago-based drag artist. Host of Goddess (now streaming on Twitch!), Drag Queen of the Year contestant.

What’s your mood like these days?

I feel mostly peaceful. My world is physically small right now (confined to an apartment) but sometimes there is a freedom to limitation that is an unmatched feeling. As of now, my loved ones and I all have our health. I pray it stays that way. 

What does drag mean to you?

Drag means art, community, and a means to make a decent living. I literally couldn’t want for more, babes! 

When did you start doing drag?

When I was three years old and I wrapped a red towel on my head to become Ariel from the Little Mermaid. My costumes have since upgraded but my adoration of feisty redheads remains fixed. 

What are your main sources of inspiration?

These days, Patti Lupone, Ibeyi, Mozart, Regina King, Vivaldi, and Robert Plant from Led Zepplin.  I’m also eternally crazy about Octavia Spencer’s ability to play every emotion from totally BROAD to BARELY PERCEPTIBLE. 

What are some products we can always find in your makeup bag?

NYX white liquid liner, rose salve for my gigantic lips, nail glue, and a brow pencil. 

Who are your favourite drag artists?

My favorite drag artists right now are The Vixen, Sasha Velour, Shea Coulee, Alaska, Cookie Kunty, Sasha Colby, Juno Birch, Untitled Queen, Pseuda Name, Hollow Eve, Lila Star, Lucy Stoole and TRex. Literally you should check all of them out. 

Tell us about a drag show we might not know and should check out.

My wild long running performance art show from Chicago, GODDESS! We moved our fabulous show to twitch and have been loving every minute! Check us out on TWITCH.TV/GODDESSTHESHOW on April 22nd and May 6th coming up! 8pm CST both nights.

What are you binging right now? (TV, podcasts, anything!)

I’m always listening to The Tea (from Trex and Lucky Stiff), and right now I’m loving Sloppy Seconds with Meatball and Big Dipper! 

What are your favorite memes?

I don’t really pay attention. Anything with horses or ponies, I guess!

Where can we catch you performing?

Oh God, everywhere! I thought I was done but actually digital might be my medium! Time will tell. Follow me on IG: @kat.sass or Twitter: @ihatekatsass for updates on where I’ll be other than Goddess! 

Other than Goddess, you can catch Kat every Saturday at 6PM CST on Instagram with Andro Gin (@kat.sass/@androginking) at Virtual Backstage.

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Venmo @katsass / Cashapp $katsassgoddess / PayPal katerinapapadatos@gmail.com


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