#quaranTEA with Andro Gin

Andro Gin, Cuban-American, Miami-based drag king & self proclaimed Cartoon Villain. You may remember him from Transformations with James St. James.

What’s your mood like these days?

Grateful, driven, and focused. Just trying to churn out art for others to hopefully enjoy during this time.

What does drag mean to you?

It’s my livelihood. Whether or not I’m meant to do it for the rest of my life, I definitely feel that it’s my calling and that I’m meant to do it right now. Words alone can’t express what it means to me. It’s my passion and my therapy.

When did you start doing drag?

I’ve been dressing up as men my entire life it feels like but going out as “Andro Gin” started around May/June 2017. He’s about to be 3 years old! Time flies!

What are your main sources of inspiration?

I’m a broken record about this because my inspirations remain the same, but illustrations, animated movies, theatre, and Italian farce are huge driving forces in what I do.

What are some products we can always find in your makeup bag?

If we’re talking my emergency bag while at the gig it’s definitely my Ben Nye water activated white paint and their precision liner in Black.

What are you binging right now? (TV, podcasts, anything!)

Critical Role! It’s a DND show with famous voice actors that’s been on hiatus since the quarantine and I am missing it so terribly!! It’s basically long-form improv through the vehicle of Dungeons and Dragons and it’s just superb.

What are your favorite memes?

The “Why Are You Running” meme from old vine days still gets me. That and anything with Roman Holiday dubbed over it sends me over. 

Why are you running?

Where can we catch you performing?

All over! Every Saturday 7PM EST myself and Kat Sass have “Virtual Backstage” on IG Live where we paint to a theme and just chat about what’s going on like we would if we were actually backstage at a drag show! We’ve had such a lovely audience so far and it’s meant to be a chill time before everyone goes to watch virtual shows.

On 5/2 I’m doing Donna Trump’s Queeriousity and the next Goddess show which I’m so excited for (I’m not sure if they’ve announced what the theme is but GAG so excited) — especially since the numbers I have prepared for both shows may be some of my best!

On top of those, I have a show I’ve been doing called “Face Off Live” where I swap mugs with another drag artist, first was with Dragula S2 legend Abhora (which I have some highlights posted on YouTube, its hilarious), second was with RPDR S12 Crystal Methyd, and the next episode I haven’t announced yet but I will soon! I have some cool guests coming up so stay tuned for those announcements. 

Left: Crystal Methyd. Right: Andro Gin.

I have shows all throughout May that I can’t announce yet so best way to keep up with those is to follow me on instagram and check out my “Online Shows” pinned highlighted story on my page!

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