7 San Francisco Digital Drag Numbers We’re Positively Obsessed With

Pictured: Scarlett Letters (left) & Laundra Tyme (right), from the Monster Show: Virtually Live.

We all remember Rock M. Sakura‘s tearful departure from the RuPaul’s Drag Race workroom. While we had fallen in love with this anime queen, her worries lay in representing her hometown of San Francisco, and for good reason: ever since Honey Mahogany‘s memorable season 5 double sashay, we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a San Fran queen on our screens! And not for lack of talent; this scene is PACKED with some of the most versatile and creative drag artists out there, so it is unclear why it’s seemingly being slept on this hard.

San Francisco drag really does have everything we’re looking for – great performers, high entertainment, versatility, relevance, wit, stupidity and surprisingly good drag names. So we have curated this list of videos to show you why San Francisco is at the top of our drag travel bucket list.

1. Mary Vice & ZoJob – Tell Him

Not only is this one of our favorite songs to see in drag, this video is nothing short of a drag master class. It’s so brilliant, making use of the simplest elements to create high entertainment. It had us SCREAMING the first time we saw it on Biqtch Puddin’s Digital Drag Show.

Instagram: @itsmaryvice / @hizojob

2. Mama Celeste – Mistadabolina

Another favorite from Biqtch’s show, Mama Celeste chose an absolute banger to take us on a wild, colorful Instagram filter-filled ride, and it’s everything we didn’t know we needed.

Instagram: @mamacelestefanclub

3. Cash Monet – No Air

Another number – this time from Stud SF’s Drag Alive show – that uses very little to bring us so much. This duet, originally sung by Jordyn Sparks and Chris Brown, comes to life within a single performer using nothing but a mirror, lighting and a well-placed camera.

Instagram: @cashmonetdrag Twitch Cash Monet Drag

4. Laundra Tyme – Close to You

One of our favorite digital shows to watch during quarantine has been, hands down, The Monster Show: Virtually Live. The two hosts, Laundra Tyme and Scarlett Letters, always bring us a creative storyline, fabulous sets and some of the dumbest drag we’ve seen. We have no choice but to stan. This Hitchcock-inspired number is from the show’s DIY-themed night.

Instagram: @laundratyme / @wigsbytips

5. Tito Soto – Pray

PRINCESS TV‘s Tito Soto reminds us that we are really here for a good, emotional lip sync. This number that starts out bare and ends up bringing us so much more. Plus, the outfit is on point.

Instagram: @tito.so.to

6. Intensive Claire – Silence of the Claire

When we say this video is stupid, we mean it’s so stupid. Silence of the Lambs meets COVID-19 guidelines stupid.

Instagram: @theintensiveclaire

7. Rock M. Sakura – PONPONPON

How can we not end this list with Rock M. Sakura? This is her adorable tribute to Japanese singer Kyari Pamyu Pamyu’s iconic PONPONPON.

Instagram: @rockmsakura

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