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USA Drag Venues

With so much fabulous drag in the USA, it’s really hard to keep track – but we promise it’s totally in the works! Since we’re always looking for a good show in the United States – and people are ALWAYS asking us for recommendations – we’ve decided to hook you up with some of the top local drag bars and clubs, venues and drag shows in major US cities where you can see world-famous queens as well as incredible local talent.

Remember: Every Ru Girl, Dragula queen and drag icon started in a local bar, so make sure you visit local drag bars and clubs and make it rain! Who knows, you might get to meet an up-and-coming international drag superstar. And if not, then it doesn’t matter, because drag has a lot more to offer than what we see on TV.

Did we miss something really exciting? Are there more cities, clubs or bars you’d like us to add to this list? Let us know!